Kathy’s HIV story: Forgiveness

The moral of my story is ‘forgiveness’

My name is Katherine, Kathy for short. I am a single mother and hopeless romantic. I found out I was HIV positive a year after my husband died in the year 2005. My husband died from opportunistic infections and sadly it was at the time when I was very ignorant about HIV/AIDS. The nurses told me that he died from TB and I never bothered to probe further because I was still in mourning and still in shock.

During my husband’s illness I uncovered a web of lies, infidelity and deception that almost drove me to insanity but I had to be strong for my husband. I have always thought of myself as a good wife, sadly despite my efforts my husband was unable to stay faithful to me. I have since forgiven my late husband and accepted my status – I am living positively and have started dating again but it hasn’t been easy.

I got very sick before finding out that I was HIV positive; I was literally at the door of death. Thank God for my family and ARV’s – they were very supportive and understanding, in fact they nursed me back to health. The ARV’s really did save my life!

However, despite the positives in my life, I still carry a lot of guilty because I have never gotten the courage to get my child tested for HIV. I am a work in progress and I hope that one day I will get the courage to get my child tested for HIV.

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