What’s Your Story?

The stories segment is dedicated to stories from our readers and other people in the HIV community. We share these stories so you can be inspired to be more positive minded. Please contact us to share your story. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou Image courtesy of

ENCA: ‘My HIV Journey’ – I just stood up and answered their questions

In 2001, new mother Yvette Raphael started losing weight, got tested and discovered that she had Aids. Her life changed when she was told she had three to four years to live. Years later, she was asked to organise a World Aids Day event at work, which included arranging a speaker. Despite her hesitancy, she spoke […]

ENCA: ‘My HIV Journey’ – I used to discriminate

Mongezi Sisibo discovered he was HIV-positive in matric, in 2011. He immediately called up one of his girlfriends at the time, attacking her and accusing her that she had given him the virus. She denied his accusations and they later discovered that she was indeed negative. “I stigmatised people that were positive at the time […]

ENCA: ‘My HIV Journey’ – I don’t want any pity

Phindile Madonsela found out that she HV-positive in 1997, when she went to donate blood. For the first time, she was told she couldn’t donate and was sent to the doctor. She disclosed her status on JoziFM after keeping it secret for four years. “I don’t want pity,” she said. She is a single mother, […]

ENCA: My HIV Journey Collection of Stories

In a series of videos, the South African National Aids Council looked at how people living with HIV are discriminated against because of the stigma and ignorance that surrounds the chronic disease. Each video looks at a different story and ends with the person affected concluding, “I can’t change my HIV status, but you can […]

Zach’s HIV story: Light at the end of the tunnel

The moral of my story is that ‘there’s always light at the end of the tunnel’. For me, contracting HIV didn’t come as too much of a shock considering the lifestyle I was living. I went from a careless all round bad boy with hundreds of one night stands and flings, to a responsible one-woman-man. To […]

Kathy’s HIV story: Forgiveness

The moral of my story is ‘forgiveness’ My name is Katherine, Kathy for short. I am a single mother and hopeless romantic. I found out I was HIV positive a year after my husband died in the year 2005. My husband died from opportunistic infections and sadly it was at the time when I was […]

Lerato’s story: Thank You PNSA

Thank you for creating this HIV community Hi, I’m Lerato and I am HIV+ I just want to applaud you guys for creating this dating site because quite frankly dating is difficult when you are HIV positive. I can’t tell you how many times I have battled with myself on whether or not to disclose […]