HIV Statistics

South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world

In the 1990’s there was much stigma attached to HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Back in those days HIV was seen as a ‘life-sentence’ and those living with HIV were ridiculed and stigmatised.

Fast forward to the year 2014:

(i) people have more information and dialogue about HIV prevention, infection and treatment,
(ii) there are thousands of organisations proudly advocating for people living with HIV,
(iii) government supplies public health facilities with anti-retrovirals and condoms,
(iv) young people are learning about HIV from primary schools all through varsity,
(v) some insurance companies offer insurance to people living with HIV.

There is much to celebrate because we have come a long way. Unfortunately, that’s not where the story ends because in the midst of all the progress more South Africans are engaging in risky sexual behaviour.

According to a report by the Human Science Research Council (HSRC), there are some dangerous sexual trends that have emerged among South Africans.

The HSRC conducted a survey (South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence and Behaviour Survey) which revealed the following sexual trends:

– In 2012, South Africa recorded more than 400 000 new HIV infections (the highest number of new HIV infection recorded worldwide).

– The highest infection rates were recorded in the age groups 30 – 34 for women and 35 – 39 for men.

– Black women between the ages 20 – 34 recorded the highest HIV incidence of all population groups.

Click here to download the HSRC report mentioned herein.