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HIV Support Groups In Pretoria

If you live in Pretoria and you are looking for where to turn to when you need additional help, advice, and support, consider these HIV support groups in Pretoria as part of your support structure. However, your doctor and local clinic should always be your first choice and primary source of guidance and advice. If you are unable to find a support group closest to you among the list below, ask nurses and counselors at your local clinic for recommendations.

List of HIV Support Groups In Pretoria

Organization NameAbout the OrganizationContact Details
1.Family & Sexuality
Family & Sexuality
Education offers training, networking and advocacy. Life skills, sexuality, HIV/AIDS and family education.
Contact Person: Dr. Nelia Louw
Address: 429, Queen’s
Crescent, Lynnwood, 0081
2.Themba Lisizwe Network Service ProvidersNetwork of NGOs providing training, services,
advocacy-lobby in victim empowerment Brokering of
services; Community outreach programme; Provision of
psycho-social services Training of forensic nurses in
victim empowerment, Whole range of counselling
services offered by the network nationally, Training of lay
counselors, Screening of volunteers, SUPPORT
GROUPS, Groups for consultants, police, children, youth
and front-line workers HIV/AIDS self-care training for
care givers, Research Strategic planning Publications
Training material
Contact Person: Dr. F. Dronnet Address: 330 Farenden St,
Arcadia, 0083
Telephone: 012 344 6296
3. Be Aware Community Health ProjectBe Aware Community Health Project organises Peer education; Condom distribution; Awareness
campaigns; HIV / AIDS Awareness services
Contact Person: Frans Masemola
Address: 1313 Klipgat New
Telephone: 012 704 9028
4.Out Gay And Lesbian Organization of PretoriaOut Gay And Lesbian Organizatio of Pretoria is an NGO that offers Mental Health Services, Counselling; Information and support groups for gay and lesbian people as well as education and
training on HIV/AIDS.
Contact Person: Mr Dawie Nel Address: 118 Melville Street,
Telephone: 012 344 6501
5.People Against Human Abuse (PAHA)People Against Human Abuse is an NGO. It offers Gender and violence education; HIV/AIDS
Information; peer group workshops, Home and community
based care, pre-test counselling, Shelter for abused
women, children and PLWA Support Group.
Contact Person:
Ms CK Makhoere
Tel: 012 805 7416
Address: Balebogeng
Centre, Tsoeu Street,
NGO; Support group; Awareness Home Based Care;
General support: HIV/AIDS; Counselling: emotional and
psychological support; Education
Contact Person: Seabelo
Address: 4142 Extension 4,
Soshanguve South,
Cellphone: 082 643 7309
NGO; Palliative care; Home based care; Food parcels;
Day care for orphans; Income generating projects; HIV
testing & counselling; Child, family & PWA support,
Hospice Non-residential havens for orphans (x3)
Training of community health workers, Mother to child
transmission prevention, HIV/AIDS education,
workshops in schools, churches and clinics
Contact Person: Ms C Khosa; Address: Plot 77, Lekgama,
Madidi, Winterveldt,
Telephone: 012 362 0041
NGO; Education; Awareness, Counselling; Nursing and/or paramedical services: home based; General
support: Support groups
Contact Person: Ms D. Nkitseng; Address: 247 Zone 16, GaRankuwa 0208;
Telephone: 012 700 0511
9POSITIVELY AliveA Pretoria web-based support group for HIV+ bisexual, gay and transgender men and MSM in South Africa. They provide free resources including counselling, information and support groups in Pretoria www.Positively-Alive.comEmail Address:
Cellphone #: +27 (82) 453-0560
NGO; HIV/AIDS; Education; Awareness campaigns,
condom distribution, COUNSELLING Trained lay
counsellors, Training on life coping skills, CHILD
Contact Person: Mr Penuel
Address: 2092-3 Block H,
(Medicross), Soshanguve;
Telephone: 012 799 6922

All information was sourced from the Tshwane
HIV/AIDS Support Database. If you have knowledge of any other HIV support groups that are based in Pretoria, please kindly list them in the comment section below.

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